The Ginger Shot Recipe for Immune Boosting


I call this my home run sickness momma prevention shot. Yep, I am a momma and a business owner and I am sure just like you …. you do not have time to get sick either. I love the Ginger Shot Recipe for Immune Boosting and so will you. This is a Wellness SHOT (and […]

How I support my body naturally with doTERRA essential oils

family physicians kit

I am not an alarmist but the ebola stuff going around has me a tad freaked out. I know our bodies always deal with a constant threat of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. I know when I go tot the supermarket and grab a cart, I am touching a possible threat. We all know gel sanitizer […]

Coconut Water Kefir Recipe

coconut water kefir

The benefits of adding good bacteria to your body daily are outrageous. The body needs good bacteria to fight off the common cold, lose weight, detox properly, create healthy serotonin (which is manufactured in the gut), sleep well, and not have skin issues. I just named a few benefits of having a healthy gut and […]

Detox is just so simple.


Detox it vital in this toxic world. For so many years as a health coach I focused simply on digestion because I do believe that good digestion leads to a healthy life. But then one day I realized that in order to have good digestion, you must be detoxing properly…so the light went off in […]

Cold Prevention Smoothie

green smoothie3

It is that time of year and everyone I know is getting sick. I know so many parents right now that are getting sick because the babies are bringing home a cold from school and this time of year brings a lot of colds. WHY? The reason we detox in the Fall is to support […]

Super Seeds : Chia or Flax?

flax seeds

  What’s The Skinny On The Super Seeds?  Chia Seeds vs. Flax Seeds Everyone is talking about chia seeds and flax seeds. These have become the Super Seeds of all time, right? I have to admit, chia pudding it out of this world yummy and let’s be honest… both flax and chia seeds get the […]

Creating a Meditation Space

meditation space

  I am not a meditation kind of chic but I know being quiet leads to lowered cortisol levels. High cortisol levels can mess with your hormones, metabolism, sleep and let’s face it – stress can age you. So, I realized I needed to create a place where I could be still – even just […]

Lemon & Ginger Tea Recipe

tea with ginger and honey

Boost the Immune System is key during the fall months. The minute I feel a cold coming on, I reach for my favorite drink – tea with lemon and ginger. I call this the “wonder woman ” drink because the ginger stimulates digestion and naturally combats infection. The vitamin C from the lemon is awesome […]

Turmeric Milkshake & Detox Tips

turmeric milk

 Turmeric Milkshake Recipe 1 cup dairy free milk 1 tsp. local honey 1 tsp. coconut oil 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric powder dash of ground cinnamon dash of ground ginger Option 1. Warm the milk and add in all the goodies but save adding in the honey till you have warmed this divine blend. 2. Drink […]

The Dirty Dozen & Food Allergies

allergies RW

I have dealt with every digestive disorder known to man. I will never forget going in an out of doctors offices, when I was really sick (dealing with hormonal, heavy metal toxicity, candida, parasites and food allergies galore), taking test after test hoping for somebody to tell me I had X problem. Instead, I had […]

Simple Tips for Healthy Digestion

tired at work

Simple Tips for Digestion to Improve Energy Levels – healthy digestion. Yes, I struggled for years with digestive issues – everything from candida to parasites and gurgling in the tummy (let me save you the gory details). But honestly, I was that girl who felt so frustrated, scared and sad every time a doctor would […]

Healthy Detox Desserts

aked apple

Detox is a way to give up the DIET! Enjoy Healthy Detox Desserts. If you are one of those people who just cannot resist dessert, no worries. Ditching the Diet mentality is the key to long lasting weight loss results. But, if we are living in the diet mode, often there are days where the […]

Why Detox in the Fall?

happy fall

After graduating from 3 detox schools and going through many detoxes in my own life, I know the importance of detoxing. Detox is not just about drinking smoothies, or drinking juices or fasting – detoxing is about cleaning out the junk that finds it way into our bodies daily. You may be taking action in […]

doTERRA Essential Oil Webinar


doTERRA Essential Oil Webinar I had an amazing time sharing with you how essential oils have worked in my life. As I mentioned last night, we all live in a stressed and toxic world. Our bodies work everyday to keep us strong, energized and balanced but sometimes we just need a little extra help. This […]

Superfood Quinoa Granola

granola RW

I have been experimenting with making grain free granola and then just adding some quinoa to the mix because I was making a batch for a sweet client. I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH HOW THIS WORKED OUT ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I AM THE KIND OF GIRL THAT NEEDS A CRUNCHY SNACK!   I adapted this […]

Protein Balls & Sugar Cravings

protein balls RW

  The days of deprivation are over… I will share one secret with you. I got off the yo yo dieting because I started to say yes to healthy treats and no to the junk. You may not be like me and need your daily sweet. You may have no sugar cravings but after I […]

Download my Free 17 Smoothie eBook

7 day smoothie fest

  Join me on September 18th for the first ever Live 7 Day Smoothie Love Fest (Challenge) This Smoothie eBook is loaded with 17 amazing recipes. This challenge is for you if… You want to learn how to lose weight naturally. You want to learn about detox tools that can boost your immune system. You […]

Turmeric Milk for Amazing Digestion

turmeric powder

For centuries we have used ancient ways to bring the body back into balance. We have used spices to warm the digestion – which means better assimilation of nutrients and that means a strong immune system. If the digestion, and yes peeps – your digestion starts at your mouth and ends “down there”, is weak […]

Williams-Sonoma Juice Week – The Top Juicing Recipes.

green juice

I cannot tell you how amazing juicing has been for me. I suffered with digestive issues, an autoimmune, allergies and exhaustion for the longest time until I started juicing. Juicing treats your body with nutrients, vitamins, and raw enzymes that are easy to digest and enter your blood stream immediately. How amazing to be able […]