I’m Rachel Feldman – mamma, Florida girl, and double whammy wellness coach.

In my 1-1 wellness sessions and programs, I help clients ditch dieting and info overload, and learn exactly how to nourish their unique bodies, beautifully. I’m also a business mentorteaching health coaches across the world the major-league tools and strategies they need to build their small practices into powerhouse empires.

In other words, I’m in the business of FREEDOM - Guiding you to relish the joyful liberation of eating well, feeling incredible, and rockin’ the world with your work.



Now, I’ve got a question for ya. Yep – you.

Rachel Feldman

How do you feel right now – in your body, your business, or both? (Be straight-up with me for a sec.)

You might tell people you feel “better”. That you’re making big moves, and doing OK. … But in reality, you’re hopelessly stuck. You feel like crap, and you’re totally confused about what to eat. Despite all your research and work, you just can’t find the answers.

And you’ve probably also poured a ton of cash into programs, books, and courses, am I right?

… So why are you still bloated and ‘blah’? … How come you still have digestive problems? … Why aren’t clients banging down the door? Did you miss a chapter somewhere? An ingredient in the “surefire techniques”? I’ll be the first to tell ya: nope. But there is good news.

That journey to nowhere stops here.

See, theres a reason most ‘fix it’ diets and programs don’t work: there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting & staying healthy or running a biz. You need a fully-customized plan, and the empowering tools that work for your specific needs (and taste buds). The best part? With this knowledge under your belt, you discover the total freedom it brings. You’ll never need to buy another program, or watch another episode of Dr. Oz, because you’ll know exactly what works for you and why, for the rest of your life.


It’s rocket fuel you’ve been waiting for – and it ain’t rocket science.

It’s my honor to empower you with all the knowledge you need to tap into your body’s natural wisdom, nurture yourself deliciously, and rake in the scores of raving fans (and cash) you deserve.

Welcome to my world. Make yourself at home, why don’t cha?


If you’re ready to feel amazing again – to shed those extra pounds, get your energy back, and jump start your health coaching business, work on naturally treating any health issues you’ve been struggling with, contact me today and let’s change your LIFE & YOUR CAREER